Our generators keep businesses operating even after the utility power goes out. Our product lineup of standby generators for commercial applications keeps your doors open and allows you to operate through outages that last hours, days or even weeks. Reputable brand names and backup power equipment meet the most demanding needs of virtually any commercial operation including farm and livestock operations, stores, offices, restaurants, and small to medium manufacturing and industrial operations.

When the power goes out, standby generators automatically start in as little as ten seconds. The lights are on, the doors are open for business and the lifeblood of your business stays safe. Employees keep working and business continues as usual.

Portable generators are most effective on jobsites and for backup power. They conveniently come in smaller units that are easy to transport from location to location. In deciding what portable power generator to purchase you first want to figure out what you want to back up. Then you want to figure out how much wattage you will need. You can calculate the wattage by adding up the devices kilowatts. There should be a sticker somewhere on the powered appliance. It is a good idea to add a few additional watts to the total to avoid overload.

Dependable at a moment's notice is the driving need behind power generation. Hofland Enterprises offers you power units from 10kW to 1000kW. All units are test run and we guarantee all equipment we sell. Browse through our selection of generators to find the generator that suits your needs. If you need assistance please call our trained staff at 712-348-7119.